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Happy New Year’s?

I don’t know why but a bunch of anger has just gone through me today and yesterday. I get ticked off right away and I can’t stand the sight of people. I hate everything right now. I seriously don’t know why. I want this to stop.

Been distancing myself from good people that are in my life. I really don’t mean to and I really don’t want to, but I just feel myself pushing them away further and further. I hate New Year’s Resolutions but I guess I might as well this year if I want things to be different.

Here are 10 things I want to accomplish in 2019

  1. Actually get a job that is in my field of study.
  2. Try to eat better.
  3. Exercise more.
  4. Stop pushing people away.
  5. Learn how to manage my money.
  6. Actually go out and enjoy myself.
  7. Find a girlfriend.
  8. Find a new hobby.
  9. Continue and hopefully finish my book.
  10. Be happy.

Now some of these are very possible to do, but knowing me I’ll put them on the back burner for a while. I really hope ya’ll are having a better New Year’s Eve/Day.

Take care and please be safe out there.

Merry Christmas

Hope Ya’ll had a great Christmas. Mine was pretty decent. I got to see my nephews, last time I saw them was several months ago. They live in San Antonio with my sister and her husband. It’s nice when I see them. Crazy how quickly they grow up, the oldest is already 10… or 11. Man I feel like a bad uncle for not knowing. I guess it isn’t really my fault since I see them 2 times a year and they don’t call me. I don’t have my sister’s phone number either. Am I a bad uncle? Maybe… Am I a bad brother? Uhhh… It’s possible.

Changing the subject. I hung out with one of my good friends on Saturday. She wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. We went to Cheddar’s it was really damn good. I had a bacon burger with some of those crispy onion things. After we went to a near by Guitar Center, wanted to buy something but haven’t really picked up my guitar or bass guitar in a very long time. I really should start playing again, I wasn’t the best but I think I had potential. Then we went to a home decor place, she likes those kind of stores, I do too but only when I know what I want from there. Not just to roam around. Either way I enjoyed myself and ended up buying my pup a chew thing. Man he loved it. After that we went to staples, just because. lol it was my first time in a staples. Last we went back to her place and just watched glee. I used to binge watch that with my ex, which was weird. Still liked the show just brought up some memories when I was there.

I am thinking about continuing my book. It has been over a year since I wrote it. My mind has been more clear and overall I think I am in a better state of mind. Still sad and have bad anxiety attacks… or panic attacks. I really haven’t gone to a doctor to see what’s wrong with me. But I’m better now than before. That’s all that matters. Just keep getting better and stop worrying too much about the past and stop being scared of the future.

To the few people that read this. I hope you’re had a great Christmas. Hope 2018 ends on a positive note. Not sure if I will write before New Years, but I will try my best.

Take care,

Love always

Bobert Rodriguez


Hey blog… How’s it going? As you can see I am trying to make this a weekly thing.

This past Monday was my 26th birthday. Damn I’m getting old. Not much has really changed from now from about several years ago. I still love playing video games and watching sports. The only difference is now I have a degree and 30 pounds heavier than I should be. Anyways back to my birthday. It was actually pretty good. I went to the movies to go see the new Spiderman animated movie was ALOT better than I expected it to be. After my brother and I went to the outlets to look for a nice shirt. Was expecting to spend about 60 for it. Was on sale, got it for 30, so saved me some money. Last we went to a restaurant called Russo’s it was damn good. Even though that doesn’t seem like the best way to spend your birthday at the age of 26, I still enjoyed it. No drinking or anything. Just enjoying being with family. For me that’s just enough.

As you can tell I have no idea what to write. Just wanted to keep this thing going. Cleans my mind, even for just a few moments.

It has been a while…

I haven’t written in a very long time, yet so much has happened. I have so many things to talk about yet I don’t know how to put it into words. Life is good at the moment or at least I think so. A few weeks back I took the LSAT (test you take before applying to law school) and I get my results this Saturday (12/8/2018). My birthday is coming up this month too going to be 26 and here I am just typing my life away while listening to some music from my high school years. Man I love blink-182.

The holiday seasons are rough for me… Would always spend them with my ex (note we have been split up for while now, several years) but being single for so long and seeing her move on just makes things worst… worse?… worse… yeah I think that’s it. worse. Not her fault just I don’t put myself out there as I should. Oh well if all goes well I might be in Houston getting my law degree, so I guess I should just focus on myself. for now.

I got carried away and bought a Mac book for law school, even though I haven’t even gotten my results yet or even applied. If I don’t make it to law school I guess it still will come in handy. I hope… if not then I really don’t know what to do with this device. If I do end up over there I might want to pick up vlogging and blogging (more blogging I should say). The vlogs for my family since they might want to see what I am doing up there. Damn, it will be the first time really away from the family. Even being 26 I feel unsure of myself. I see my younger brother’s friends away for college and they seem to be doing well. I need to stop over thinking.

At this point I am just typing anything… Hope whoever ends up reading this is doing well or if not I hope all ends up going well. For whatever reason you want to keep up with me even when I am not typing here, my @’s are below.

SC: robertrdz92

Insta: xxbobbyrdzxx

Sadness in paradise

I’m not feeling too well so I’m just gonna vent, sorry in advance. Wrote this while on the ship. I’ll post more happier things about the cruise later on.

It’s Thursday and it’s 3:00 am in the morning. I feel very crappy at the moment. I’ve been feeling very lonely and just needing people to talk to. I’m on a cruise ship with a lot of people and I still feel lonely. Which is weird because an older lady (40’s probably) pretty much just offered some sex and a few hits off a vape with THC juice.

I seriously hate when girls say “all guys want is sex” because I’ve been offered so many times, but I always turn it down. What’s wrong with talking about feelings and serious stuff and possibly sex later. Also ladies, stop asking us nice guys for advice about the guy that’s been cheating on you if you’re gonna just stay with him and then ignore us while “things are better” when he has not even stoped cheating, he’s just cheating on you with that girl you know about. Then make nice guys feel bad for wanting to talk to you, you girls are real assholes, seriously. Stop making it seem like we have a chance to hang out and stuff when you’re just gonna say a few hours before our hangout “I’m sorry I can’t go *insert name* will probably get mad if we hang”. Like damn, he’s been cheating on you for how long and you’re still not gonna hangout? Even though we seriously are just gonna hang out and not mess around. Yeah sure… when you end up raising a kid on your own don’t try to invite me to hangout with “Hey Bobby we haven’t hung out in a while. We should go get some froyo or just walk the mall”

Girls just suck… No matter how nice you are, it’s never enough. The only way to get the attention of girls is being an asshole and someone who likes to be the center of attention. Which is almost the opposite of me, I’m not a complete asshole but i hate being the center of attention. Dating apps also suck…

ugly girls profile:

Info: “Age: 22/ single/ 8 miles away from you/ education: high school/ profession: taking care of my 3 kids (each from different guys)”

Bio: “don’t message me if you’re under 5’11 and don’t message me if you don’t have a beard. If you drive a truck it’s a bonus. Don’t be a loser. Not looking for hookups. I will call you out on Twitter and Insta if you ask for nudes. I won’t message first so make your message interesting or I won’t reply. Open minded and free spirited. I’m just an old soul in a young body. 420 friendly. #notmypresident #resist . Activist.


Today I will be going on my first cruise, I am so nervous but excited at the same time. I’m not the adventurous type but I love to travel so this experience should be amazing. For about a week I’ve been getting things ready and packed, and I still managed to just finish packing (1:16 am). I always tend to forget things.

The last time I traveled I went to New Mexico, went to Ruidoso, Roswell, and Ski Apache. Got to see actual snow for the first time. I say actual because where I live it had “snowed” in 06 or something, but it didn’t last long and didn’t snow much.

Recently it snowed pretty good here in the RGV, it was really nice picture below). To us that was a lot of snow ❄️ ⛄️. Some places in the valley got more snow but I’m happy I got to see it here in the valley.

I don’t know what else to put, but I’ll be posting again when I get back from the cruise. Which should be on 12/30. And I’ll be sharing pics.

My First Blog

This is my first blog post, and could also be my last. Just due to the fact I don’t have an interesting life, and I don’t tell stories well (even though I’m writing a book, well kinda, it’s been on pause for a while). But here is some info about myself.

Next week on 12/17 it will be my 25th birthday, I was once told I wasn’t going to live past 20 by some random bully from when I was in middle school. Being bullied throughout elementary up until my last day senior year of high school, it really took a toll on me. Bullied by some random kids in school and also being bullied by family members. My self esteem really took a beating.

I’m a middle child and a Sagittarius (apparently that means something). I’ve been known to be a complicated and confusing person, which I get. I hate corn but love corn bread, I hate tomatoes but love salsa, I’m not much of an avocado person but if there’s guacamole I’m getting extra, there’s much more things that I’m like that with.

Throughout high school I didn’t have that many friends but an ex would probably say, “damn you know everyone here” if I say hi to multiple people at a store or where ever. My group has pretty much always been small, not because I’m shy or anything, just because I don’t like too many people. Also been told I’m a negative person, but hey this blog is about myself so yeah. From the people that I let into my life I’m thankful for each one of them. From co-workers that would talk to me, to high school friends, to friends from college, from my good friend that loves sushi like I do, to my ex that I was on and off with for since 2010, I’m thankful and I’m sorry for being a bother at times. I really don’t know where I’d be without y’all. Like my father says “everything happens for a reason” (I’m pretty sure every parent says that). There’s a reason why our paths crossed, we live and we learn. We should forgive and but don’t forget. People say to forget but it’s best if you don’t. It’s like why should I forget? I need to remind myself and prepare myself if it were to happen again.

I’m just rambling at this point.

I don’t know if anyone is even going to read this, but it’s out there for people to find. I would like to think someone is gonna find it. But for those that either found it or I told to check it out i hope y’all enjoy this blog. And even though I said it could be my last, it might not be. Who knows? I’m not good with these kind of things.